• What is the future of our War and Peace project? We see this project continuing into 2020, the year that will commemorate 75 years since the end of WWII.  We will continue to offer workshops in this theme and hope to keep conversation on the topic alive and vigerous.

    If you would like to learn more or for possible cooperation please write to us at

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  • From the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be active. This is a European Regulation about the personal data companies can process. It means Loesje cannot process your personal data, either digitally or on paper, without a good reason or your permission. She has to inform you, as the applicant, about which personal data she is processing, and about the rights the law provides you. Therefore, she is drawing up this privacy statement.

    Loesje International, situated in the Hommelstraat 65 at Arnhem, is responsible for the processing of personal data of her foundation. She will only process personal data that is necessary for a correct delivery of products or services or for a correct handling of complaints, questions, remarks or suggestions. She will store this data as long as necessary, in which by all means she will comply with the minimum and maximum storage period the law prescribes. Personal data will be used only for the purposes the information was gained for.

    Loesje international will not trace your visit to her website. She does use technological means to analyze the traffic visiting her website and to keep her website working during your visit. She can share this information about the traffic on her website with other analytic online tools, but the data will be made anonymous.

    Loesje international will store the personal data, digital and on paper, in a safe and secured location. She will process your data according to the accounting principles of agreement and permission. As you have given Loesje international your permission to process your personal data, you can also retract your permission. You can contact for this purpose.

    You, as a person involved, have rights that apply to Loesje international. Those rights are prescribed in the DGPR and are called ‘right of access by the data subject’, ‘right to rectification’ and ‘right to erasure’.


    The right of access by the data subject (art. 15) provides you the right to ask Loesje international about which of your personal data she is processing and storing, and how long she will store this data.

    The right to rectification (art. 16) provides you the right to instruct Loesje international to change or complete incorrect personal data.

    The right to erasure (art 17) provides you the right to instruct Loesje international to erase all your personal data out of all of her systems, as long as there is no minimum storage period prescribed by the law or if this period has already exceeded.


    In case you want to claim your rights, you can contact If you think Loesje international is violating your rights, or if you think she is not handling your rights in a correct way, you have the option to report this to the European Data Protection Board.



    When you sign up for Loesje international’s newsletter, your email address will only be used for the purpose of sending the newsletter. You can remove yourself from the list by clicking the link at the bottom of the email, or by sending an email to Loesje international.

    Questions or claiming your rights

    If you have questions about Loesje international’s privacy statement or other relevant topics about your privacy, or if you want to claim your rights as they are prescribed by the GDPR, you can contact Loesje international by mailing to

  • The new Loesje movie is out.

    If you want to know Loesje a bit better and the organisation behind her this could be a good start. For those of you who are already familiar with Loesje it will be a great watch as well, since you will see where Loesje is now.


    New poster series and workshops about wars in the past and in the present, remembrance, censorship and freedom of speech, refugees and how to achieve world peace.

    Read all about Loesje's "War and Peace" project here.



  • Invite Loesje now for a creative writing workshop in English! Loesje gladly visits organisations, companies, action-clubs or schools to write Loesje texts together. For more information click here


    War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future? 

    War and Peace: how are we going to remember the future? is a project initiated by Loesje International,  that aims to meet with organizations that are involved in the pedagogy of remembrance as well as actors in peace and human rights education.

    Loesje offers creative writing workshops, focusing on topics such as: Censorship and freedom of speech, The duty of remembrance, borders, how to achieve world peace and refugees.

    The aim of the project can be summarised asRemembering and reflecting on past and current wars in order to gain and obtain peace.

    If you would like to learn more or for possible cooperation please write to us at You can find more information about the project here.



  • You can find them all here.

  • Just like last year Loesje International will give acte de présence at the Liberation Festival in Wageningen. It's part of our ongoing project: "War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future."

    We are going to write about themes related to freedom and everyone is invited. We start at 12.00 and at 17.00 we will present the results. You can find Loesje at Plantsoen van de Vrijheid. 


  • On the 3rd of May, people worldwide will acknowledge the World Press Freedom Day. This day is a chance to remind us and our governments that freedom of speech and expression should be a basic right for everyone. We also rejoice that more and more people use their freedom of expression, on and offline. Read all about it here.

    Loesje International is starting a photo contest where you can win a set of Loesje International stickers and cards.

    !!! Visit for more info!!!

    You can enter simply by…

    • Taking a picture of a Loesje poster or sticker you pasted or spotted and share it online with the hashtag #WorldStickingDay.

    • Share the campaign with your friends and help to spread it worldwide and tell us where you spotted or put the poster up! Use the hashtag #WorldStickingDay when you express yourself through Loesje posters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to raise awareness for World Press Freedom Day. Or send your picture to

    The winner of the contest will be announced on May 3rd!

  • This March Loesje decided to get involved in this worthy cause. Friends of Loesje gathered to write texts commenting on the topic of gun control, they created some nice new posters that they took with them to Amsterdam on the day of the march to spread in the city and share with the people.