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    New poster series and workshops about wars in the past and in the present, remembrance, censorship and freedom of speech, refugees and how to achieve world peace.

    Read all about Loesje's "War and Peace" project here.



  • Featured: Tirana, "Loesje slogans for climate change in Albania" campaign.

    Environmental Center Eden, supported by The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania invited Loesje International to travel to Tirana to lead creative writing workshops with the focus on European Environmental issues. Loesje team booked the tickets and we were really looking forward to discover Albania, and then COVID-19 pandemic started. Nevertheless, we decided to make it happen online!

    The 1st online workshop was greeted by the Ambassador of Netherlands in Albania, Ms. Guusje Korthals Altes, who quoted several Loesje slogans and expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration between Loesje International and Environmental center EDEN - dedicated to the task of creating a number of powerful messages designed to raise people's awareness on the Climate Change problem. Following, a welcoming presentation was given by the Executive Director of EDEN Center, Ms. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, who emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences among European countries on how to address urgent topics like climate change.

    Loesje International gave five online workshops for Albania and many texts made it into Loesje posters. You can see the all the posters for the campaign here.

    Read more

    Although the workshops were held online due to COVID-19 situation, diverse key stakeholders became part of the workshops, including - Albanian climate and environmental experts, representatives of national and local environmental NGOs in Albania, representatives of public administration, academics, nature guides, etc.

    The participants joined the workshops from different cities of Albania, such as Tirana, Kurbin, Belsh, Shkodër, Fier, Berat, etc. The participants believed the workshop experience turned out to be unique and very interesting as they felt quite involved in it and enjoyed the process of creating slogans following their own fantasy and inspiration. By the end of each workshop, everyone expressed great curiosity in what would become of their collective efforts to produce moving slogans out of their own imagination.

    The posters created during the workshops were used for a campaign "Loesje slogans for climate change in Albania" to make people in Albania more aware of the dangers of climate change. Please find below some inspiring pictures from the campaign.

    On the move for the climate!




    Translation: Frozen opinions don't cool the temperature. 


    Translation: Don't give polar bears politics / give them ice

    Ready to spread the word!


  • Read all about it here

  • Invite Loesje International for an online creative writing workshop in English! A nice idea for a theme day or a company outing. For more information you can write to

  • Just like last year Loesje International will give acte de présence at the Liberation Festival in Wageningen. It's part of our ongoing project: "War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future."

    We are going to write about themes related to freedom and everyone is invited. We start at 12.00 and at 17.00 we will present the results. You can find Loesje at Plantsoen van de Vrijheid. 


  • This March Loesje decided to get involved in this worthy cause. Friends of Loesje gathered to write texts commenting on the topic of gun control, they created some nice new posters that they took with them to Amsterdam on the day of the march to spread in the city and share with the people.

  • Op een koude winterdag maakte ik een wandeling door Brussel. Mijn oog viel op een jongen met een grote gele surfplank. Rare verschijning zo in de winter. Ik besloot hem te volgen, hij zou me zeker naar de zonnigste plekjes brengen. Op een gegeven moment raakte ik hem kwijt. Diverse andere routeplanners bepaalden daarna het traject van mijn wandeling: de zon aan de overkant van de straat, een meisje met cello, drie langzame Japanse dames, de zoektocht naar een café dat open is op zaterdagmiddag.stadssurfen meegaan met de flow en zien waar je aanspoelt

    Het leuke aan Brussel is dat je altijd gekke of bijzondere details tegenkomt. Bizarre winkeltjes of mensen. Zoals de artisanale papierdrukker die zijn informatie in het Engels, Frans en Japans aanbiedt, maar niet in het Nederlands. Een eetcafé 'Ballekes' genaamd waar ze 'Famous Belgian meatballs' aanbieden. Ik wist niet dat België bekend stond om gehaktballen, maar als je iets maar overtuigend genoeg brengt, gelooft iedereen het. Verder zag ik een 'Alimentation générale' gespecialiseerd in 'Turks-Griekse-Franse-Chinese-Japanse-Spaanse voedingsmiddelen', aldus het uithangbord. Dat vond ik zo grappig, die combinatie van zulke uiteenlopende landen. Maar ik geloof dat ik toch meer van de Turks-Griekse-Zweedse-Deense-Portugese-Vlaamse keuken ben. Mijn wandeling eindigde met een warme chocomelk bij café St Pierre. Daar maakte ik deze nieuwe poster. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden, een middagje stadssurfen.