Climate Change Campaign in Albania

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania and Environmental Center Eden invited Loesje International to give workshops on Climate Change. Tickets were booked and we were going to Albania and then COVID-19 happened. But instead of canceling we decided to make it happen online! And so we did. Read more

Loesje wants to make the world more beautiful with creativity and posters

Loesje (a dutch girls name) is a group of people active all around the world and at the same time, Loesje is a character, through whom those people want to inspire others. 

The texts published on posters reflect often the current world issues and the concerns and engagement of the Loesje member's world wide. These texts have the aim to let the reader think, act and react on the topic the texts are referring to. Loesje tries to do this in a positive way and often avoids being moralistic and dogmatic. Some texts have a serious message and other texts are simply to make you laugh. Humor and creativity are always important in all work Loesje does.

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Creative writing workshop with Loesje

Invite Loesje International for a creative writing workshop in English today!

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Where can you find Loesje?

You can find Loesje in many countries all over the world. 

Would you like to know if there is a Loesje group active in your own country? Loesje groups appear, disappear and reappear all the time so we can't guarantee that this overview will be still actual tomorrow. Feel free to contact us if you want to connect with one of the groups.