Environmental Campaign in Albania

Featured: Tirana, "Loesje slogans for climate change in Albania" campaign.

Environmental Center Eden, supported by The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania invited Loesje International to travel to Tirana to lead creative writing workshops with the focus on European Environmental issues. Loesje team booked the tickets and we were really looking forward to discover Albania, and then COVID-19 pandemic started. Nevertheless, we decided to make it happen online!

The 1st online workshop was greeted by the Ambassador of Netherlands in Albania, Ms. Guusje Korthals Altes, who quoted several Loesje slogans and expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration between Loesje International and Environmental center EDEN - dedicated to the task of creating a number of powerful messages designed to raise people's awareness on the Climate Change problem. Following, a welcoming presentation was given by the Executive Director of EDEN Center, Ms. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, who emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences among European countries on how to address urgent topics like climate change.

Loesje International gave five online workshops for Albania and many texts made it into Loesje posters. You can see the all the posters for the campaign here.

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Loesje International - because ideas have no borders

Loesje is a free speech organisation founded in the Netherlands (Arnhem) in 1983. Loesje became international in 1989. Loesje is a writers collective and at the same time is a fictional charter, whose goal is to spread creativity, positive criticism, ideas, philosophical thoughts and reflections on current events by the way of short slogans on posters, signed by Loesje (a Dutch female name).

Loesje texts published on posters reflect the current world issues and the concerns of the Loesje member's world wide. The main aim of the Loesje texts is to make readers think, act and react on the topic the texts are referring to. Loesje tries to do this in a positive way and to avoid being moralistic or dogmatic. Some texts have a serious message and other texts are just meant to make someone smile. Humor and creativity are important features in all the work Loesje does.

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Creative writing with Loesje

Loesje workshop is a creative group activity, where participants make short texts (one-liners) by using a set of special text writing methods developed by Loesje. Since the beginnig of the COVID-19 pandemic our workshops are also avaliable online.


You can invite Loesje International for an online Creative Writing workshop in English, a nice idea for a theme day or a company outing. Besides the Creative Writing Workshops, Loesje International also offers speed workshops and lectures about certain issues, such as Freedom of Speech.

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Contact us: workshop(at)loesje.org


Where can you find Loesje?

Check if there is a Loesje group in your country:

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You can find Loesje in many countries all over the world. Loesje groups appear, disappear and reappear all the time so we can't guarantee that this overview will be still up to date tomorrow. Feel free to contact us if you want to connect with one of the National Loesje groups.