• This March Loesje decided to get involved in this worthy cause. Friends of Loesje gathered to write texts commenting on the topic of gun control, they created some nice new posters that they took with them to Amsterdam on the day of the march to spread in the city and share with the people.

  • Op een koude winterdag maakte ik een wandeling door Brussel. Mijn oog viel op een jongen met een grote gele surfplank. Rare verschijning zo in de winter. Ik besloot hem te volgen, hij zou me zeker naar de zonnigste plekjes brengen. Op een gegeven moment raakte ik hem kwijt. Diverse andere routeplanners bepaalden daarna het traject van mijn wandeling: de zon aan de overkant van de straat, een meisje met cello, drie langzame Japanse dames, de zoektocht naar een café dat open is op zaterdagmiddag.stadssurfen meegaan met de flow en zien waar je aanspoelt

    Het leuke aan Brussel is dat je altijd gekke of bijzondere details tegenkomt. Bizarre winkeltjes of mensen. Zoals de artisanale papierdrukker die zijn informatie in het Engels, Frans en Japans aanbiedt, maar niet in het Nederlands. Een eetcafé 'Ballekes' genaamd waar ze 'Famous Belgian meatballs' aanbieden. Ik wist niet dat België bekend stond om gehaktballen, maar als je iets maar overtuigend genoeg brengt, gelooft iedereen het. Verder zag ik een 'Alimentation générale' gespecialiseerd in 'Turks-Griekse-Franse-Chinese-Japanse-Spaanse voedingsmiddelen', aldus het uithangbord. Dat vond ik zo grappig, die combinatie van zulke uiteenlopende landen. Maar ik geloof dat ik toch meer van de Turks-Griekse-Zweedse-Deense-Portugese-Vlaamse keuken ben. Mijn wandeling eindigde met een warme chocomelk bij café St Pierre. Daar maakte ik deze nieuwe poster. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden, een middagje stadssurfen.


    Take some time to view the exhibition of Loesje posters that comment on relevant issues we face today as a society. For example: freedom of expression, human rights, discrimination, poverty, environmental issues, government issues, among others and help us create a living, moving, developing exhibition by contributing your own thoughts/writing

    This is the address: Belcrumweg 60, 4815 HA Breda, the Netherlands.

    Open: Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm and Saturday 12pm-6pm.

    - Loesje will write twice daily, starting at 13:00 and 16:00
    - The writing will last around 1hour and will be in English!

    ** If you plan on visiting us in a group, please email us! ( - we can arrange a longer slot for you to visit us.

  • Loesje workshop is a creative group activity, where participants make short texts (one-liners) by using a set of special text writing methods developed by Loesje. Since the beginnig of the COVID-19 pandemic our workshops are also avaliable online.

    Featured: Loesje International Online workshop for Humanity in Action

    You can invite Loesje International for an online Creative Writing workshop in English, a nice idea for a theme day or a company outing. Besides the Creative Writing Workshops, Loesje International also offers speed workshops and lectures about certain issues, such as Freedom of Speech.

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    Contact us: workshop(at)

    Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps 

    European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to do volunteer work that benefit communities and people around Europe. Loesje International takes part in this initiative with our project "Volunteering abroad: I take full responsibility for becoming different". Every year Loesje International hosts two European Solidarity Corps Volunteers from different countries.

    Filmed by Multimedia Centre of European Parliament.

    Featured: Aurore Dufresne, Erasmus+ volunteer for Loesje International shares her experiences. 

    Aurore: "...My favourite activity is writing, that's 100% for sure. I find it really inspiring, I learn a lot of things. You try to create that little spark to reach as many people as possible. And to try to make them think about these issues that are important but that people assume don't concern them because they’re happening far away. But it should be happening on every street corner. We should be thinking about them, about what we can all achieve together."

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    War and Peace Project

    In commemoration of 75th anniversary of the end of World War II Loesje International organizes a training course for youth workers and activists under the name "War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future?" People from eight different countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia) will come together for the duration of the project.

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  • You can find her here.


  • Loesje International will  be taking part in MANIFEEST on Saturday 23rd September in Amsterdam. Details about this event you can find here.

    Every year our friends at PAX for Peace organise a National Peace week. This year it's held from the 16th till the 24th of September. 

    During this week Loesje International will give several lectures and workshops about War and Peace. Ending with the festival Manifeest!

    The festival starts at 16:00 and is an amalgamation of art, music, workshops and talks to celebrate the end of Peace Week.


  • Like always Loesje will be out there on the streets to acknowledge the World Press Freedom Day. If you would like to join you can find more information here.

  • Loesje has returned from a nice Spring Conference in London.

  • You can watch it here

  • You can find all the new posters here.