• The European elections are upon us and it looks as if we only have two options: Either you vote for a Europe in which the economy has an overriding importance, or you vote against Europe so that each nation moves itself behind their old borders. Loesje likes neither options. She wants a Europe united by people.

    Toward a united world

    Loesje worries about her friends in the Ukraine, the extreme right wing parties who are winning more and more seats all over Europe and in general she worries about the position of people in the European Union. You may ask: do we actually need a European Union? No, we need a United World. And yes, towards that united world a united Europe is a good step in the right direction. Not one that's mostly interested in economy, but one that puts people first: a Europe in which people meet, discover and exchange.

    Go and talk with strangers, surprise yourself. The future of Europe and the world is too important to leave in the hands of economists, conservative en retro-nationalists. It's about us, you. That's why Loesje asks your help. With the help of people from all over Europe she made posters about Europe. The posters are translated in five different languages. Now it's time to spread the message.

    How can you help?
    Print the posters about Europe from and stick one or more on a nice (if possible recognizable) spot in your town or city. Take a picture of it and mail it to Loesje will share it on her Facebook and Twitter so that everyone in the world can see it, because from the Milky Way's point of view we all seem to be from the same village.



  • Let's spread this poster and express our freedom of speech and support our friends who can't simply do the same, like in the Ukraine.



  • If you haven't seen the new series yet, have a look and spread the word (uh...the poster) 


  • For several days Loesje went to Belgium to do some serious poster sticking. Of course our friends from Loesje Belgium were all present, the sun was shining big time and so were we  We started in Brussels on International Woman's day and the first poster put on a garbage pin, namely “Sexual liberation / were did we stop last time / the grandma of”, immediately drew a lot of attention. TV Brussels even filmed our poster and asked if they could have one for themselves. Fortunately we didn't have a shortage of them. We were sticking around old buildings, parks, statues, markets and even in the street full embassies. The poster “Confusion of Tongues / I call it European poetry” will surely raise some eyebrows just as we like it. Besides sticking posters there was also time for stories, special drinks and hanging around in old churches and cafés.

    When we finally arrived in Gent, we spotted a poster from 1883. Yeah I know. One century too early, but it looked like an old painting. Later on we found out that our Loesje friend from Gent did stick this one some years ago at night. We had a great day in Gent, though we had to escape the police several times, because they were on the hunt for something and the posters were directing them to Loesje people, but we all knew how to behave like tourists, so when the police came we immediately brought out or camera's and took pictures of the old buildings around us.
    Oh, and not to forget: In Gent there is one tavern which looks so mysterious that you think you have entered a different age. The owner looks like some old magician who tries to pull you in and will only let you out in a different world. A really cool thing is that he made us stick a lot of Loesje posters in front of his tavern. Not bad hè. 

    Ok that's it for now but there are more adventures on the horizon. 

  • Ein Jahr voller abenteuerlicher Ereignisse habe ich im Rahmen des EFD in Frankreich erlebt. In Poitiers habe ich in einem Appartement im studentischen Wohnheim zusammen mit zwei Freiwilligen aus Spanien gewohnt. Zur Arbeit bin ich etwa 20 Minuten zu Fuß durch eine hügelige und romantische Landschaft gegangen. Zu meinen Aufgaben im Regionalen Informationszentrum für Jugendliche (CRIJ) gehörte die Betreuung des Empfangs und die Information des Publikums rund um die Wohnungssuche, Ausgehmöglichkeiten, Suche nach Mobilitätsprogrammen im Ausland…

    Außerdem habe ich viele Dokumentationsrecherchen im Internet gemacht und Datenbanken gepfelgt. Ich habe bei verschiedenen Foren von meinen Erfahrungen als Freiwillige erzählt. Was mir auch viel Freude gemacht hat war, dass ich meinen Kollegen in der Region Poitou-Charentes bei verschiedenen Veranstaltungen mit Partnern von meiner Organisation assistieren konnte. Auf diese Weise habe ich einen umfassenden Überblick über die Funktion der CRIJ bekommen. Die Kollegen waren sehr hilfsbereit und haben mir viel Zeit gewidmet, damit ich einen Überblick über die Arbeitsbereiche jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters bekomme.
    Darüber hinaus hatte ich einen Tutor an meiner Seite und eine Sprachunterstützung ein Mal pro Woche.

    Da Poitiers eine Universitätsstadt ist, in der mehr als 20 % der Bevölkerung Studenten ausmachen, konnte ich dank der Studentischen Initiative Méli Mélo an vielen Ausflügen mit Erasmus Studenten teilnehmen, wie z. B. Latino- oder Polyglotabende, Exkursionen durch die Umgebung oder private Partys. In meiner Freizeit habe ich die Atlantikküste entdeckt, wo ich das bekannte Aquarium in La Rochelle oder den sehr bekannten Zoo in Palmyr besucht habe. Außerdem habe ich mithilfe von couchsurfing die Cote d´Azur bereist.
    Dieses Jahr hat mein Leben in persönlicher und beruflicher Hinsicht sehr bereichert. Ich habe viele herzliche und sehr interessante Menschen kennen gelernt und habe meinen Horizont erweitert.

    Ich empfehle es sehr, sich zu trauen neue Kulturen 

    und Lebensweisen im Ausland zu entdecken, da man dort viel lernt und man mit seinen Aufgaben wächst.


  • Call for people in the Netherlands: We will do a series of great Loesje-workshops in English in Nijmegen! The first workshop will be on tuesday 18th March and the following one on thursday 27 March. Spread the word and join! See details in the picture and sign in smiley 

  • Hupsakee, vier nieuwe posters erbij.

    Cyberpesten / niet enkel voor übernerds viaduct bij valavond knipperende lichtjes en zacht geroezemoes vreemd ben je enkel voor de ander warme winter, er zijn al panda's gespot in het Zuiden

  •                                                                                                                                        This is the training course where you can develop your trainer competencies
    in working with Human Rights Education on national and international level!


    ■ Developing trainers’ knowledge and compe-

    tencies in key concepts of Human Right Educa-

    tion with young people.

    ■ Reviewing and addressing essential compe-

    tencies, skills and attitudes for a trainer when

    working with Human Rights Education in non-

    formal learning setting.

    In this training:

    ■ An analysis of the competencies, skills and values of

    trainers working with Human Rights Education.

    ■ Practical workshops on essential skills and attitudes

    for trainers.

    ■ A review of the evolution of Human Rights Education

    in Europe and the present challenges that it faces.

    ■ Opportunities to share experiences and challenges

    of developing Human Rights education in formal and

    non-formal education settings.

    General information
    ■Dates: April 16-25, 2014.
    ■Location: Armenia, city of Dilijan.
    ■The working language is English.
    ■36 Participants from 12 countries.
    ■Only for people from:
    Finland, Armenia, Egypt,
    Macedonia, Palestine, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy,
    The Netherlands. Latvia, Germany, Serbia.
    Financial conditions
    ■Accommodation and catering are fully covered.
    ■70% Reimbursement of travel expenses.
    Travel reimbursement
    Expenses for accommodation and catering,
    as well as 70 percent* of your travel costs
    are covered with financial support from
    Youth in Action programme of the European
    About the organisation
    Loesje is an international network of young, creative citi-
    zens organised in both local informal groups and national
    associations. It is also a “Dutch girl” who so-to-say signs all
    the posters. The foundation ‘Loesje International’ was founded
    in the Netherlands, and has its international office in Berlin.
    The Loesje network’s main focus areas are culture and crea-
    tive expression; human rights and democracy; international
    peace, tolerance and the fight against racism and xenophobia;
    environmental protection and climate change and internation-
    al as well as personal development. With the posters Loesje
    inspires people to reflect, take action and form their own
    opinions. As well as this, Loesje develops inspiring projects
    which create space for the participants to develop and express
    their ideas, thoughts and opinions, and offer opportunities to
    disseminate the results to a wider audience, both locally and
    Deadline: 28th February
    For more information and for the application form contact: