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    Pekarna.Tv  is a pilot project of the Cultural Association and Youth Center IndiJanez, the purpose of which is to present cultural events, local scene, society , everyday life and practices, cultural happenings and diversity - through the eyes of  young people. Multimedia portal consists of various programmes that cover topics such as: activism, social commentary, documentaries, short interviews, local events, concerts, youth scenes, social and behavioral characteristics of urban life etc. The aim of Pekarna.TV is to be an independent, alternative television that reports about young people, society, different problematics (marginalization, discrimination, youth unemployment, prejudices, corruption, ecological and environmental problems etc.) and cultural events in lines with freedom of communication and expression. There is also room for humour and irony. The spirit of Pekarna.TV is that of  pacifism, active citizenship, freedom, critical thinking, tolerance, co-existence , anti-capitalism and anti-consumption, well being of all species etc.

    Volunteers will work in production of contents for from conceptualization to filming and making the final product, namely videos for the online television. They can work in front of or behind camera. Volunteers will work for 6 months in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The project starts on 1st September 2014.

    The project has been designed to be a part of the EVS program. The volunteers will gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

    Film & TV production
    Computer design and desktop publishing
    Video editing
    Multimedia Design

    We are looking for creative, independent, open-minded individuals with a strong interest in working with camera and different people. Knowledge of English language is a must. We do however also understand German.

    Pekarna (meaning bakery in Slovenian language) is a complex of ex-army barracks squatted in 1994 and turned into a cultural center. It has an alternative status in the city and is a meeting point for different subcultures and various young people.  The organization  IndiJanez also runs a club (called MC) in Pekarna complex where concerts, exhibitions and cultural events are taking place regularly.

    You are not allowed to be Slovene or currently have Slovene residency
    You should be between 19 and 30 years old
    You should be a citizen of the European Union, EEA or CH
    You should have a permanent residence in Germany

    Application details
    Deadine for applying 5th August
    Please send your CV and a motivational letter to:

    Skype: IndiJanez_
    Phone: +386 0 40 337 099
    Pekarna.Tv website:
    web page of the Youth Center:

    Practical arrangements
    Accommodation is arranged and for free, you will be staying either in a cosy EVS flat where you will live together with the other EVS volunteer(s) or alone in a hostel-like room with your own kitchen and bathroom. You will get money for food and pocket money, insurance, a Slovene language course and a bike if desired. A mentor, as a personal guide will be present during your EVS period, although we encourage self-initiative, because an active attitude is essential for the work we do.

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  • The European elections are upon us and it looks as if we only have two options: Either you vote for a Europe in which the economy has an overriding importance, or you vote against Europe so that each nation moves itself behind their old borders. Loesje likes neither options. She wants a Europe united by people.

    Toward a united world

    Loesje worries about her friends in the Ukraine, the extreme right wing parties who are winning more and more seats all over Europe and in general she worries about the position of people in the European Union. You may ask: do we actually need a European Union? No, we need a United World. And yes, towards that united world a united Europe is a good step in the right direction. Not one that's mostly interested in economy, but one that puts people first: a Europe in which people meet, discover and exchange.

    Go and talk with strangers, surprise yourself. The future of Europe and the world is too important to leave in the hands of economists, conservative en retro-nationalists. It's about us, you. That's why Loesje asks your help. With the help of people from all over Europe she made posters about Europe. The posters are translated in five different languages. Now it's time to spread the message.

    How can you help?
    Print the posters about Europe from and stick one or more on a nice (if possible recognizable) spot in your town or city. Take a picture of it and mail it to Loesje will share it on her Facebook and Twitter so that everyone in the world can see it, because from the Milky Way's point of view we all seem to be from the same village.