Do it right. A training for Trainers in Human Rights education. Call for participants

                                                                                                                                       This is the training course where you can develop your trainer competencies
in working with Human Rights Education on national and international level!


■ Developing trainers’ knowledge and compe-

tencies in key concepts of Human Right Educa-

tion with young people.

■ Reviewing and addressing essential compe-

tencies, skills and attitudes for a trainer when

working with Human Rights Education in non-

formal learning setting.

In this training:

■ An analysis of the competencies, skills and values of

trainers working with Human Rights Education.

■ Practical workshops on essential skills and attitudes

for trainers.

■ A review of the evolution of Human Rights Education

in Europe and the present challenges that it faces.

■ Opportunities to share experiences and challenges

of developing Human Rights education in formal and

non-formal education settings.

General information
■Dates: April 16-25, 2014.
■Location: Armenia, city of Dilijan.
■The working language is English.
■36 Participants from 12 countries.
■Only for people from:
Finland, Armenia, Egypt,
Macedonia, Palestine, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy,
The Netherlands. Latvia, Germany, Serbia.
Financial conditions
■Accommodation and catering are fully covered.
■70% Reimbursement of travel expenses.
Travel reimbursement
Expenses for accommodation and catering,
as well as 70 percent* of your travel costs
are covered with financial support from
Youth in Action programme of the European
About the organisation
Loesje is an international network of young, creative citi-
zens organised in both local informal groups and national
associations. It is also a “Dutch girl” who so-to-say signs all
the posters. The foundation ‘Loesje International’ was founded
in the Netherlands, and has its international office in Berlin.
The Loesje network’s main focus areas are culture and crea-
tive expression; human rights and democracy; international
peace, tolerance and the fight against racism and xenophobia;
environmental protection and climate change and internation-
al as well as personal development. With the posters Loesje
inspires people to reflect, take action and form their own
opinions. As well as this, Loesje develops inspiring projects
which create space for the participants to develop and express
their ideas, thoughts and opinions, and offer opportunities to
disseminate the results to a wider audience, both locally and
Deadline: 28th February
For more information and for the application form contact: