Lecture on Education and Arts


On Monday, Loesje's Imagination hosted a lecture by Professor Shoaib Nabi Ahmad about Education and Arts, more specifically about his work and research on Socially Responsive Communication Design.


Designers rarely have the power or independence to be entirely resposible in terms of the designs they delvier to the market or industry. Nevertheless, Professor Shoaib Ahmad considers that everyone should take responsability for their creations in a conscious way. So, he teaches his students how to respond to ethical issues by design.

Here you can watch a small video about the project Colors Notebook done in collaboration with 52 students from the School of Architecture and Design at the American University of Sharjah. These notebooks address on many levels the subject of Identity in a multi-cultural, multi-diversed, multi-lingual society.


After an interesting presentation by the Professor, all the participants engaged in a discussion about the state of Arts education and its importance for a well-balanced society.