Study Session report printed OUT!

The study session, that happened in the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, Budapest in November 2011  was a great success for the partcipants and the organizers.  

The partipants challenged their predjudices and shared their experiences through workshops and dicussions. The topics brought into the discussions and activities were Human rights, stereotypes, dignity, diversity and activism. The outcomes were various: 13 posters were created, a street action was led in the main square of Budapest and a follow up project has been planned.

To summarize the methods and techniques used during this Study Session, a report reprensenting various aspects of it has been written by the organizers: Hranush Shahnazaryan, Carola Stahl, Agnieszka Byrczek, Hristjian Jordanovski and Hussein El-Shafei.

You can read the report here:  

Report of the Study Session online

and also in the printed version at the loesje International office in Berlin.

Don't forget: the fight against stereotypes and predjudices begins with you!