Action on World Press Freedom Day on 3rd of May!


Hello friends of Loesje!

As you all know, the 3rd of May is the World Press Freedom Day. Since the European Parliament announced 2012 to be the “European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations“ and 29th of April each year as the “EU-day of Solidarity Between Generations“ we thought it would make a great opportunity to make a common Loesje action day. We would like to invite you all to do inter-generational Loesje creative text writing workshops, mixing young and old people, on the 3rd of May! We can share our results online, with pictures and posters created!

 Here are some tips on how to get people with different ages together:

   * There could be reading or writing clubs, where you could contact
       older people who are keen on writing.

   * Schools or youth clubs to find younger people.

From Hanneke, Loesje the Netherlands, who has lead two projects about inter-generational Loesje creative text writing in the Netherlands we got the tip that it is good to mix the group so that the participants don't sit with their own age. The outcome of these workshops have been great, and the feedback good. A Loesje book with the results of the inter-generational writings of the latest project will be published in the Netherlands later this year!

So, sharpen your pencils, gather people from all generations, and let's make a common action on the 3rd of May!

/the international Loesje team