The Memefest exhibition: “DEMONSTRATING Relevance: Response-Ability”

An article by Kulturlabor Trial&Error.

From 6th-12th of May Trial&Error together with Loesje International Hosted the international Memefest exhibition at N.K, Neukölln, Berlin

Exhibiting the following pieces;

  • Selected works of the 2010-2011 competition with the theme “Love:Conflict:Imagination”
  • Best of 2002-2008 works, with several themes
  • Posters from all the years competitions

During the vernissage and finissage we gave a personal interpretation on the Memefest theme through guerilla knitting by Semi Ramis, Litekultur with his interactive Loveboard and radical sounds.

Highlight during the finissage was an off line demo and informative talk by Christian Zöllner from VR Urban, co-creator of the SMS slingshot –a catapult looking gadget that can shoot light messages.


Memefest is an international festival of radical communication that nurtures and rewards innovative and socially responsive communication which exceeds market-orientated communication and works toward social social responsibility. Memefest is also an international network of people with different profiles - experts, activists, researchers, theoreticians and artists - who are interested in social change with a sophisticated use of media and communications. The effects of multi-annual networking at the global level are today seen through the work of independent centers with bases in Colombia, Brazil and Serbia.

Established in Slovenia where also the main center is. In nine years the festival has become the world’s largest socially responsible communication festival, which directly contributes to critical writing and critical visual expression.


SMS slingshot

Lite Kultur

Mesh Up Monday