driver, graphical designer, volunteers wanted!

Dear friends of Loesje, we are currently looking for the following:
  1. a driver (minimum 2 years driving experience, European driving licence) who would like to be one of the drivers of a van leaving Berlin on Saturday morning, 28th of May, to Nijmegen, the Netherlands (or jump off somewhere on the way, like Hannover, Osnabrück, Bad Bentheim). Loesje is going to the Oddstream festival and are one driver short. If you would like to drive there FOR FREE, mail We are going back on the 7th of June, so it's optional to also want to drive along then.
  2. an experienced graphical designer, who wants to be part of the media team at the Oddstream festival, 29th of May-7th of June. Read more here: But apply to asap if you are interested!
  3. volunteers for Loesje's open part at the Oddstream festival. If you would like to help out at Loesje's part of the participation area at the Oddstream festival, contact The volunteers will get free entry to the festival, food and a place at the camping area. This team is going to the festival on the 31st of May with Quer durch das Deutschland ticket (10-22 Euro's per person), and back on the 7th.
If you want to join the festival as a visitor, but would like to travel there together with the Loesje crew, mail Safaa as well.