April review of Loesje news

Loesje International decided to share news and updates in a form different from the Bulletin to make the web site more interactive. Due to these plans we publish every month a review of the latest news, articles and updates of Loesje.

Here you can find our April review:

How to improve the web presence of Loesje International? Rocking video of
the international assembly
How to write creative Loesje posters? Upload your own article!
Bulletin, bye for now...
Loesje Summer Camp 2011 Loesje International receives
administrative grant from the
European Youth Foundation
Dreaming about summer festivals?  

If you have any texts around the subjects that Loesje deals with, or actions directly related to Loesje, please feel free to upload them yourself on the website! However, if you get stuck with technical problems, please send the text to us and she will do it for you.

Greetings to news times and positive changes,
Loesje International