Good bye from Loesje's interns

Thanks to the Circles of European Integration project (CEI) Loesje International was hosting two interns from Spain for one month from the end of March till the end of April 2011. Here you can read about their experiences at Loesje International:

All good things come to an end

It's a rainy day. I see many drops of water on the bus window, on their way down to the ground. Our internship at Loesje International is over. I have mixed feelings about the end, which is not unusual, although something you never get used to...

Monica and I landed straight to the Board Meeting and Assembly of Loesje International, which was a very interesting experience for me. I got to know how big Loesje actually is and also learned a lot about how it works.

After these first days, the weather got much better in Berlin and so did my tasks: for example editing the video of the Assembly happened to be like playing video games. I had an amazing time doing that.

Actually I spent most of my time at Loesje editing videos (I did a trilogy ), so I barely could help Monica to translate Loesje posters and publications to Spanish.

I guess, the only topic I’ve got left is the office and the people working there. I have nothing but compliments for them. The environment in the office is great and gets better any time Petra, Artur or anyone plays pranks on somebody.

Finally, this article (also) comes to an end. I want to wish everyone Godspeed and I’d love to see them again as soon as possible. Our sunny experience finished on a rainy day.