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Oddstream festival 2nd-5th of June - an inspirational place to be

The Oddstream festival will take place between the 2nd and 5th of June in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, only 10 km from the German border. It will be an inspirational place to be for many reasons and it is close to Weeze airport where many cheap flights fly to and that makes it also accessible for international guests.  One of the inspirations of Oddstream is the surrounding itself. The festival takes place in and around a former industrial factory, the Vasim, next to the river the Waal and you still see many industries around that gives it a bit raw and surrealistic atmosphere.  During the four day festival Oddstream presents a program of music, interactive art, performance art, radical communication, film and more.

On four stages over 100 acts will perform. During the day there is plenty of live music,film and  interactive art activities and at night there is Club Oddstream for lovers of dance and electronic music.  On the 3rd of June there is an ‘Inspiration Day for Art and Communication’ organized in collaboration with Memefest, festival for radical communication. Experts from around the globe will present their vision and views on communication, media and art. There's a festival camping for visitors of the festival. Visit www.oddstream.org to discover more.


The Oddstream exhibition exists out of a selection of works of the winners of the Memefest friendly competition 2010/2011 and many media-art installations such as a 360ºpanorama medialab where artists are making film-productions that they will present at the festival, a sound sculpture that the visitors can control and adjust, light-art, art- performances, short film broadcast, VJ-shows in the night and a real robot.  It is a mixture between inspirational, critical and playful art.


Over 100 musicians, bands, sing and songwriters and VJ’s will come to Oddstream. The focus is mainly on independent indie, rock and electronical music. Oddstream gives space as well to local talents from Nijmegen, upcoming Dutch bands but also more known international artists such as Alec Empire, founder of the anarchistic band Atari Teenage Riot, DIY band like Chicks on Speed, Dissapears with Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and the legendary postindustrial band ‘the Young Gods’ from Switzerland.

Inspiration Day for Art and Communication

Memefest and Oddstream present the world radical communicators on the 3rd of June 2011 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Inspiration Day for Art and Communication is for everyone interested in art, communication and media. We expect to present, without modesty, world experts from Australia, Brasil, Canada and of course Europe to come as guest speakers for the Inspiration Day for Art and Communication. The confirmed speakers are; Sandy Kaltenborn,Tony Credland, Alain Bieber, Jason Grant, Shoaib Nabi and Paulo Hartmann. The inspiration Day for Art and Communication gives an added value to the Oddstream festival.

Participation area

In sea containers organizations like Loesje, Durftevragen wasstraat / Waarmakerij (Dare to ask),Casiophonic workshop, Grote Broer Kunsteducatie,  presents workshops and activities that the festival visitors can engage in.

Oddstream values non-formal education and has a strong program with local as well as international partners:

Socially Responsive Communication

During Oddstream, Memefest will organize a workshop on Socially Responsive Communication over several days. The winners of the Memefest friendly competition are invited for this workshop.The aim of this unique workshop experience will be to produce visual maps which will show the differences (and reasons for them) between Socially Responsive Communication and Social marketing.

International press agency

Oddstream’s international partners PINA, Mašta, Loesje International and INCA invited young people from Europe to be part of the Oddstream international press agency. They will be trained in critical thinking and how to make news-items. During Oddstream they will do the media-coverage and create every day an Oddstream journal that will be broadcasted on local TV, online and on the regional Newspapers website.

Multimedia playground for pupils

Over 1.000 pupils from Nijmegen will visit the Oddstream exhibition the days before the festival is open for the public. They will see all the (interactive) art and many artists will be there to give some try-out workshops to the young people in filming, video-mapping and beat-creating. In between they can play in or with the media-art installations.


Tickets can be bought online through: www.oddstream.org or at the festival itself.

There is an Oddsteam festival day program and a night- program that has a separate ticket. Of course you can buy combination tickets and even an overall multi-day ticket. Beneath you find the prices of the single tickets.

Day ticket Oddstream Festival € 15 (pre sale) / € 17,50 / 12:00 – 24:00
Night ticket Club Oddstream € 15 (pre sale) / € 17,50 / 23:00 – 05:30
Combi-day ticket Festival & Club € 25 (pre sale) / € 30

Camping ticket (4 nights) in total € 20 per person

How to get to Oddstream?

Nijmegen is located only 10 km from the German border in the East of the Netherlands. The closest airport to Nijmegen is Weeze-Düsseldorf airport in Germany. Ryanair flies to and from Weeze-Airport. When you book on time the costs to go to Oddstream will be low (for example from Italy Trieste or Treviso to Weeze costs only € 30, one way). The bus from Weeze-airport to Nijmegen costs € 16 and takes around 45 minutes. Another option is to fly on Eindhoven airport and from there take a train to Nijmegen. If you come from Germany there are many good train connections, just visit www.db.de . Oddstream is located around 5 minutes with taxi from Nijmegen railway station. There is a festival camping for Oddstream guests.



Press Inquiries:

For press inquiries, accreditation please contact pr@oddstream.org or phone to +31(0)625040410

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