Upload your own article! Bulletin, bye for now..


as you can read from the results of the board meeting concerning Loesje International's web presence, we have decided to share news and updates in a form different from the Bulletin. One reason is to make the web site more interactive. We also believe it is better to focus on each article like this, rather than focus on one entity, which was the Bulletin. As the texts will be shared on Facebook too, they will reach a bigger crowd. Read more here: http://www.loesje.org/news/4238

Have you been logged into www.loesje.org as a member before? If not, here is the procedure:

Go to the website and place the mouse over the picture of the key that you can find to the left in the menu above. There you log in with the following
username: member
password: IntMem#?

Now you are free to upload stuff! Under this key you find lots of functions. This is where you go everytime you want to do something on the site. For specifically uploading texts that you usually send to us for the bulletin, you go to Add content, and then News. From here it should be easy. Write the title of your text, add the text in the text box and please add pictures if you have any. You can preview your creation, and then just click “Save“ when you are done. Et voila! You have uploaded the article yourself =)

So please, if you have any texts around the subjects that Loesje deals with, or actions directly related to Loesje, please feel free to upload them yourself! However, if you get stuck with technical problems, please send the text to safaa@loesje.org and she will do it for you.

Greetings to news times and positive changes,

Loesje International