SummerCamp Info

How to get there

The nearest train station is Niederdreisbach by Altenkirchen, from there it's 1,4 km lovely walking to the place itself. A map you can find here:,+57520+Niederdreisbach&geocode=CX_iC0cEEReqFVdJBgMdoOZ4ACkJJ2hh9R-8RzHT5VaMFZDhew&q=bahnhof&vps=1&f=li&hl=de&jsv=255b&sll=50.748784,7.925262&sspn=0.022266,0.048065

Größere Kartenansicht "

The location

It's at 2,5 hours drive from Arnhem, the Netherlands, up in the mountains with beautiful surroundings. There are 3 triangle huts, with places for 13 people each. There is place for campfires; we can burn whatever we find that is dead in the woods, also the paper waste. In the area we could also find a small swimming pool. The one neighbor we have, in front of the main house, sells bio-products! The campfire place is all the way in the back, so when we sit there at night we wouldn't be bothering anyone. People will have to bring their own mattress covers and sleeping bags. There is enough space nearby to play football at. The location has things such as a beamer that we could use free of charge. In Betzdorf, some 5 km away, there's Aldi, Lidl, a pharmacy etc. In Kirchen, a 15km drive, is a hospital.


The price

The price for all food, the sleeping facilities and the workshops is €160. The only things not included is possible beverages in the bar and your trip there and back. The Summercamp is a self financed activity, meaning there are no project grants or additional funding covering it. This is because Loesje wants everyone to be able to come, also spontaneously, instead of having to adjust to fund givers criteria on age or amount of participants per country. It would be best for Loesje if you could pay the whole sum in advance, if that is really not possible, pay half before hand and bring the second half in cash to the camp. 



If you are in need of a visa to attend Summercamp, please contact loesje@loesje.orgas soon as possible with your motivation and details. Loesje will decide on a case to case basis what to do with the visa application. The time is already limited, so unfortunately no guarantees can be made.


The method ‘School of Freedom’

The school of freedom is based on the principle that everyone can teach others in a non-formal way by making use of their own experiences, interests, skills and knowledge and vice versa. Instead of planning everything in advance, we challenge the participants to create the program according to their interests. Though some workshop will be planned in advance to guarantee that some important things are not forgotten.

A Loesje summer camp is a mini-society-experiment, a growing mishmash of creativity and learning, and exists of the input of the participants. Everyone gets the chance to take initiative in the way he or she feels best in. This freedom of initiative also means that everyone carries responsibility for the summer camp together. This includes cleaning, dish washing, helping with the cooking, and taking care for each other.

What will happen during the summer camp is still mainly open, only some handy things (food, materials, starting up program, excursions, etc.) are prepared in advance. It asks from everyone who comes the effort to make the summer camp something good and special, and of course that will come all by itself when we have fun together and enjoy. So bring your good vibes, and welcome to the School of Freedom!

At the beginning of the summer camp, there will be a brainstorm session where everyone writes down wishes and ideas for the coming days; workshops and activities that we want to give as well as join. Then people choose what they would like to do or join, and from the outcome we will make a juicy Summercamp program.

If you want to give special workshops or do other things, it can be good to prepare and bring things you need for it. Also spontaneous workshops and activities are welcome, so don’t worry if you’ll just bring your enthusiasm…


Some ideas for workshops and activities

text-writing marathons, running the disco-bar, making instruments from food, revolutionary music making, gossip media tactics, cleaning contests, wake up service activism, starting up your own movement, ecological glue-mixing methods, juggling with politics, philosophy of football playing, German traditional dances, forbidden forest games, Swedish drinking dynamics, acrobatic nature walks, discussion wrestling, campfire storytelling, extreme water sports, gender performances, brewing rhubarb beer, sunrise meditations, intercultural theatre, group survival, sustainable body painting, empowering the cooks, abstract role playing, designing utopias, late night poster sticking, etc. etc.


Nice things to bring

Musical instruments, workshop material, swim suit, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, good shoes, interesting films, new Loesje materials from your country, leftish surprises for Evan, a good book, toys, condoms and all your workshop ideas. Please don’t forget any medications you might need, a sleeping bag, mattress cover and towel.


Signed up so far has

Kaat, Belgium 
Michael, Belgium
Marta, Poland
Iris, the Netherlands
Froukje, the Netherlands
Evan, Germany
Myrto, Germany
Marc, the Netherlands
Neus, UK
Tamara, Austria
Pascal, the Netherlands
Judith, the Netherlands
Rola, Germany
Ruben, the Netherlands
Maria, Finland
Maarten, the Netherlands
Luder, the Netherlands
Elma, the Netherlands
Eva, Austria
Cornelia, UK
Geertje, the Netherlands
Lotte, the Netherlands
Erik, the Netherlands
Meindert, the Netherlands
Peter Tempestade, Poland
Vero, the Netherlands
Jaron, the Netherlands
Artur, Germany
Sebastien, Belgium
Sarah, Austria
MaGnus, Sweden
Sjors, the Netherlands
Sander, the Netherlands
Okke, the Netherlands
Max, Germany
Esther, the Netherlands
Hanna, the Netherlands
the other Kaat, Beligum
Kaisa, Finland
Liisa, the Netherlands
Susanne, Austria
Geert, the Netherlands
Chris, the Netherlands

There are also strong rumours that Tara, Germany and Felix, France will land at the Summercamp at some point... keep on spreading the word about it to your nice friends.