Redirection of "name" e-mailadresses!

Hey ya'll!

So as we are still under construction the e-mail ending with are not accessible in the old way. But don't worry! You can still access it through:


and log in with your regular log-ins.

Lots of love! // Jessica

other url?

Yeah, I just checked,

Yeah, I just checked, and

both work. So basically you just have to use instead of for your email. Same for the settings in your emailprogram: use

You are welcome to join the

You are welcome to join the voting for the series of the month June of Loesje Internatinal. This month the poster selection came from one online writing session, two writing sessions in the office and translations from Loesje Poland, so there is a lot of them. Have a look at UK Visa Application which can be useful if you wish to travel to United Keyword.