Getting to know the girl that represents creativity filled with optimism and includes critique that encourages people to (re)think what is inspiring.

Becoming familiar with Loesje and her writing methods became an important discovery for Pina, an association for Culture and Education from Slovenia, that enriched organizational activities and strengthen the belief in power of collective work through creative, cultural methodology.

#1 Get to know Loesje

We went to Berlin, read all Loesje publications, got to know the website of Loesje International, searched the poster archive for Slovenian posters and were meeting with former representatives.

#2 Workshop in Gymnasium Koper

In February we were invited to a gymnasium to participate in the Cultural day. Loesje creative text writing workshop was one of twenty workshops among which pupils from 15 to 16 years old could choose from.

The Loesje workshop was prepared for 22 pupils and lead by Vid, the president of PiNA and Kaja, the project leader at Pina.

It was the first time Loesje methods were put into practice and the results are encouraging. For PiNA it became clear that creative writing methods are going to join other organizational methods.

#3 Editing

Tamara Sokolovič was introduced to PiNA as editor and she played an important role in explaining the final editing of the text proposals. The final editing was a learning process for us and we are looking forward to gain new knowledge and experiences in this field.

#4 International Loesje creative text writing workshop

In April we organized the youth exchange 'Minute of inclusion', a Loesje workshop was also part of it that served as an introduction to the topic and enabled participants to (self)reflect important social issues. The result of it was an exhibition of the created poems and posters.

#5 The future

We may never truly know what the future will bring. But we will do our best and try to keep Loesje messages meaningful and visible.

/ Kaja Cunk

Centro Multimediale e Giovanile //
Multimedia and Youth Center PiNA