Voluntary vacancie:

Loesje, a poster-sticking girl born in 1983 in Arnhem, the Netherlands, has been working on spreading her thoughts and ideas all over the world for the last 26 years. She aims to make people think, laugh and act upon her texts. To accommodate her ideals the Foundation Loesje International was founded in 1994. Some of the goals of the Foundation are;

-      world wide spreading of  “black and white text”posters that give color to life;

-      world wide creating possibilities in which participants of Loesje activities can constantly  start and support progressive social initiative. Within this a maximum possibility is given to the development of individual freedom and social concern of the mentioned participants;

-      worldwide supporting the different national Loesje groups as well as the individual participant who takes part in Loesje activities;-

-      and further supporting everything that has a direct or indirect connection with this or can be stimulating for this, everything in the broadest sense of the words. 

The Foundation Loesje International will celebrate the 5th anniversary of her Berlin office this year. Whilst looking back at 5 years of black and white posters, innovative ideas and border crossing projects the time has also come to develop new strategies for the future.

To help us develop new ideas whilst guarding the continuity the Foundation is now looking for a new:


Board member

We would welcome the following qualities:

-     Knowledge of or affinity with the ideas and ideals of Loesje International

-     (Basic) knowledge of the German language

-     Experience with fundraising (through funds, private foundations and any other ways)

-     Networks and contacts that could be helpful for the future of Loesje International

-     Coaching qualities, experience in guiding employees, conflict management, mediation

-     Knowledge of the German/Dutch tax and legal systems 

If you feel that you could positively contribute to our board with your ideas and knowledge, we would like to hear from you.

We offer you a whole new world of ideas, new friendships and a broadened horizon, as well as a compensation for travel expenses made.  Your position in the board would be decided upon by mutual agreement.

 The current board consists out of members from North-West Europe and for geographical equality purposes we warmly welcome applicants from different countries. We would also especially welcome all female applicants for reasons of maintaining a gender balance. For further information or to apply you can contact Farah Marzak (farah.marzak[at]