World Press Freedom Day

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Press release in English, Dutch, German, Polish

On the 3rd of May, people worldwide will acknowledge the World Press Freedom Day. This day is a chance to remind us and our governments that freedom of speech and expression should be a basic right for everyone. We also rejoice that more and more people use their freedom of expression, on and offline.

To raise awareness and to set an example of the practical use of free speech, Loesje is organizing a special and international action day. She needs supporters from countries all around the world to reach as many people as possible.

Loesje is fighting for freedom of expression all around the world by spreading her posters and inviting people to write and share their opinions in the public space. For the 3rd of May Loesje made special poster series about Press Freedom.

How can you be part of this big action day?

- You can either print and stick the theme series or our other posters (after consulting our disclaimer about sticking law), or share them online ( #worldstickingday ).

There are no strict rules how to spread the posters: Together with other press freedom events, handed out as flyers, bound on balloons, as banners in windows, as bodypainting,... are just a few other possible modes besides of pasting them with glue or tape.

- Take a picture of the Loesje poster, send them to max 2 mb.

- Share the campaign with your friends and help to spread it worldwide!

Posters to stick

Here you can find some posters related to the World Press Freedom. You can also search the poster archive for more posters related to freedom of expression / press freedom.

The translations of these texts to English can be found in this document.


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