the Netherlands

Summercamp 2013


27th July till 6th August
Lohals, Denmark

Spring is coming, soon it will be followed by summer! Time to think how to spend your summer. What do you think about a great Summercamp in Denmark? A country with one big meadow, the sea, some vikings and a lot of islands, where Loesje-people can have a lot of fun, loads of crazy, inspiring workshops and memorable parties.

Loesje cards celebrate International Women's Day

In March the City of Amsterdam will organize a European congress on integration. They asked Loesje whether they could print some of her texts on cards. Of course Loesje wants her texts to be spread all over the world so she agreed. The cards will be spread during dinner taking place on 8 March, International Women's Day. Participants will be asked to send the card to an important woman in their lives.

These are the texts selected. You can find them in the poster archive: