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Trainings, exchanges and international projects

Loesje arranges many international projects like trainings, youth exchanges and seminars.  Sometimes the participants are already selected, but sometimes you can also join a project that has already started. You can contact us on to express interest in taking part in future projects, or check out ongoing projects

European Voluntary Service

Join Loesje as a volunteer for one year EVS is a part of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission and it means you can go as a volunteer to another country for up to one year and do tasks in an organization or work place. Loesje International, as well as other Loesje groups, both receive and send volunteers through this program.  Through EVS you get the trip to the placement and back paid, pocket money, insurance, a language course, and a place to live. You have to be between 18-29 years old when the project starts and should come from the European Union or neighboring countries. To look for actual vacancies at Loesje International, click


Contribute to the international newsletter

You are welcome to send in your articles, photos, action reports or other contributions to the international Loesje newsletter. The newsletter is sent out to active Loesje members world wide. It mostly tells about activities going on with Loesje groups all around the world, but can also raise awareness on other issues.  You can mail your contributions to