Loesje giving feedback on Human Rights posters

Loesje gave feedback on posters about Human Rights created by 4th year visual communication students at the CAAD College of Architecture, Art and Design - The American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Each series of posters illustrates one chosen article of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

The students got feedback three times, once from the participants of the Study Session “Why not exchange prejudices for experiences” and then twice from Loesje's team. Using advice and constructive criticism, the students improved their posters into the final version that you can see on our website and on our Facebook page.  

The posters can be used in Human Rights education worldwide. Contact us to obtain them in good printable quality.

The website of the American University of Sharjah: www.aus.edu 

We want to thanks the students for their good work and their abilities to improve it through time: Afra Bin Dhaher, Deema Al Mujadidi, Arwa Ramadan, Ghaya Bin Mesmar, Laila Kifayeh, Mansour Bakheet, Nour Abu Hayeh, Omar Mohamed, Rand Almaeeni, and Tayma Bittard. 

Thanks to Professor Shoaib Nabi Ahmad for involving us.

Arwa Ramadan

Omar Mohamed

Mansour Bakheet

Nour Abu Hayeh

Ghaya Bin Mesmar

Deema Al Mujadidi

Rand Almaeeni

Afra Bin Dhaher

Tayma Bittard

Laila Kifayeh