After brainstorm comes sunshine

Youth association Info front – Prilep / Loesje Macedonia presents: the Youth in Action 3.1 training “After brainstorm comes sunshine”


The training course AFTER BRAINSTORM COMES SUNSHINE will take place in Prilep, Macedonia, from 11 – 18 March 2013.

Participants from Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Germany and Spain will meet, discuss and learn the new ways of self-promoting, self-employment and entrepreneurship. The theme of this project is bringing someone in the process of brainstorming, developing a creative idea, realizing it and promoting it entrepreneurially.


- to overcome skepticism and fear of failure, to work on self-confidence and self-esteem;

- to develop and to promote own talents and innovative ideas into business;

- to promote future (follow-up) initiatives and to encourage, motivate and inspire young people;

- to improve social skills

- to promote working online, using web 2.0 and new media for promoting creativity, networking and finding new contacts;

- to create, develop or promote new methods and criteria for reaching goals and achieving successes. The activities foreseen in the project are:

- team building workshops;

- interactive lectures on the topics of web 2.0 and S.M.A.R.T. criteria for setting attainable goals in entrepreneurship;

- reflection groups- open space workshop, in which the participants will reflect on learning experiences and outcomes;

- discussions and debates, using the "Fishbowl", "World café" and "Statement game" methods;

- Loesje creative writing workshops, using the methods created by Loesje International;

- evaluation and follow-up discussions.

We encourage the partner organizations to choose two participants per country, who are:
- aged 18-30;
- preferably one male and one female;
- able to work in English;
- highly motivated and interested in the topic;
- able to support any follow-up activities.

The participation on the training is free of charge. The food and accommodation costs are fully covered by the project. The costs about the working materials and excursion are also covered. 



Youth association Info front – Prilep is a youth NGO that provides information to the young people regarding the 'Youth in action' programme, European Voluntary Service (EVS), stimulates creativity, creative activism, non-formal education, cultural exchanges and information distribution. The projects we work on and we prepare for near future are local and international, in the fields of sport, humanitarian actions (in cooperation with the local branch of the Red Cross), gender equality, art and culture, Loesje creative writing workshops, ecology and environment (‘info front goes green’ – project) and European awareness.

So far, the organization worked on several projects supported by UNICEF, Council of Europe and European Commission’s Youth in Action programme.

This YiA 3.1 training is the first one that Info front – Prilep will host.

Since September 2011, Info front – Prilep officially acts as the Macedonian branch of Loesje International.

Info front – Prilep is an EVS Sending, Coordinating and Hosting Organisation with EI Ref. number 2012-SI-55