Creative text writing workshops


Invite Loesje for a workshop creative text writing. She will gladly visit your organisation, company, actionclub or school, to write Loesje texts together.

It might be a nice idea for a theme day or a company outing. We can offer them in different languages. For more information write to



Why Loesje?

During the workshop the participants take part in a creative group process of making short texts (one-liners) by a special creative text writing method that Loesje has developed. No previous experience is needed and all participants can include topics they would like the group to write about.

Loesje texts are mostly positive and funny, and at the same time critical, wanting to stimulate the viewers to see things from new perspectives, and take action in their own lives. Loesje texts are not trying to tell you what to think; instead they often invite to many different interpretations. At the end of the session the participants are able to write Loesje texts by having found new ways of creative thinking.