• "Whatever happened in the summercamp stays in the summercamp?" If your curiosity is too big or if you want remember all the crazy stuffs that happened in only 10 days, it is time for you to read our Summercamp 2012 article! 




    It all started with a bunch of lovely-happy-crazy people meeting up in the most unexpected venue of Belgium: Tronle. If Tronle doesn't sound super exciting to you, it is probably because you have never been to the Gite Le Baty. Surrounded by cows and hills, the Gite was ready to welcome creative and playful spirits with: a piano, outdoor tables, a boule/kubb playground, a bar full of Belgian beers and bar-pretenders and even a secret hidden toilet for all the secret hidden thingies (quickly named the Hobbit). To set our international team in a Belgian mood, a big Smurfs-quizz was organized by Loesje Belgium and we must admit that it was quite useful for the rest of our stay in a country with 3 official languages and way more french fries sauces.

    But this was JUST the beginning of the camp and nobody could even IMAGINE what happened in the next days! All together, we started to build the School of Freedom, where everybody was free to give and attend different workshops. They were various and numerous. For example, the participants could enter the matrix while ignoring the weather, talk to cows and eat wild plants from the green meadows around, participate in the Loesje Olympics in stop motion or simply speak Russian during the Belgian beer tasting workshop. It was also a big opportunity to talk about Loesje's future and how we want to shape it together.     

    Each of the summer camp days were different and unpredictable but some regular features gave our residents the illusion of a daily routine. Wake-up service, provided by various creatures and monsters, poured some coffee and tea in our beds every morning. On the breakfast table, the Daily A4 was lazily waiting to make its first gossip/quote victims. A changing team of international cooks prepared the finest dishes, never forgetting the pince of smurfs or racoons. And after the daily cleaning announcer screamed in the middle of the dinner, it was time to get ready to party! No matter who you were (maybe a dragon or Captain Cutlery), where you were (could have been in the forest or in the VIP tent)and with who you were (why not Bicycle Repair Man or the Queen), parties had no limits, no rules and hardly any end.  

    Thanks to all the participants for this great adventure! And remember that the Summer Camp is not over, the feelings, pictures, songs, and quotes will last forever in our heart...

    Well... at least until the next one! See you all very soon again old campers and newcomers!

  • Loesje International Annual Report 2011 is up! Click here to read it and get a summary of our activities in 2011 and our plans for 2012.


    On Monday, Loesje's Imagination hosted a lecture by Professor Shoaib Nabi Ahmad about Education and Arts, more specifically about his work and research on Socially Responsive Communication Design.


    Designers rarely have the power or independence to be entirely resposible in terms of the designs they delvier to the market or industry. Nevertheless, Professor Shoaib Ahmad considers that everyone should take responsability for their creations in a conscious way. So, he teaches his students how to respond to ethical issues by design.

    Here you can watch a small video about the project Colors Notebook done in collaboration with 52 students from the School of Architecture and Design at the American University of Sharjah. These notebooks address on many levels the subject of Identity in a multi-cultural, multi-diversed, multi-lingual society.


    After an interesting presentation by the Professor, all the participants engaged in a discussion about the state of Arts education and its importance for a well-balanced society.

  • Loesje was the past week in Maastricht, the Netherlands for the 26th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference. Between other interesting activities, students from different countries joined for a creative writing workshop with great results! Check our Poster Archive.


    Caretakers of the Environment International  is an international organization which aims to promote sustainable development education for youth. They believe that the best way to promote a sustainable development education for youth is through having students meet and work together. So, they organize annual international conferences that act as a platform for teachers and students to exchange concerns, ideas, strategies, actions and projects in the field of environmental education.

  • This year, Loesje was for the first time taking part in one of the biggest art project in Berlin: 48 Hours Neu Kölln.

    Flats, gardens, bars and streets of Neu Kölln turned to an open, free and huge art playground. For a weekend, art and culture are the center of the city life blowing a cretive and playful atmosphere in this area of Berlin.

    In the Kleinegartenkolonie Hand in Hand (small plot of gardens), you could find a small garden where people were reading in the tree small Loesje posters.

    Walking around in the pleasant Sunday sunny weather, visitors could discover some posters in German and in English on the topic of this year edition "End Station: Paradise". They also enjoyed a small acoustic concert by Natalie and Safaa.In all the small gardens, different art installations and performances were happening, visitors were walking around freely enjoying the first bit of a creative summer. 

    Thanks to: Rita and Thorsten for their beautiful garden, Kristin for her help, Natalie and Safaa for the music and the organizing team of 48Stunden Neu Kölln.  


  • The June poster series are ready to stick in the sunny streets of your city. Maybe also in your room and why not give them away to your neighboors as well. Have fun and be creative!

    For the last series and all the other Loesje posters, click right here =>

  • The project "Loesje crosses the Mediterranean", funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation, to connect youth from the European and Mediteranean area, has been approved! The participating countries are: Egypt, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Slovenia and United Kingdom. 

    The aim of the project is to empower and mobilize young people to take action for more democracy and freedom of expression in their country and in the world, as well as, creating durable links between European and Mediteranean youth. To reach this goal, a training and a seminar, offering possibilities to network, discuss openly, acquire and create creative tools, will take place in Germany and in the United kingdom. 18 young people, 3 from each partner country, will participate in this project.

    Loesje promotes active citizenship, reflects on social topics through debates and discussions and bring these issues on the public space by sticking posters. Via her creative methods, the participants will open the dialogue for more tolerance and open-mindness.   

    Furthermore a creative writing handbook will be published and disseminated in English, German, Arabic, Hebrew and Slovene, various local workshops and exhibitions will be implemented and a documentary film produced. 

  • The study session, that happened in the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, Budapest in November 2011  was a great success for the partcipants and the organizers.  

    The partipants challenged their predjudices and shared their experiences through workshops and dicussions. The topics brought into the discussions and activities were Human rights, stereotypes, dignity, diversity and activism. The outcomes were various: 13 posters were created, a street action was led in the main square of Budapest and a follow up project has been planned.

    To summarize the methods and techniques used during this Study Session, a report reprensenting various aspects of it has been written by the organizers: Hranush Shahnazaryan, Carola Stahl, Agnieszka Byrczek, Hristjian Jordanovski and Hussein El-Shafei.

    You can read the report here:  

    Report of the Study Session online

    and also in the printed version at the loesje International office in Berlin.

    Don't forget: the fight against stereotypes and predjudices begins with you!    

  • On the first day of Summer, 21st of June, Loesje danced her way around to the Jugendklub Linse, in Berlin to join the Fête de la Musique.

    People could rock their bones at the LiBeRo stage and chill at the LiBeRo lounge listening to singer/songwriters. Loesje had a stand where people could participate in activities taken out from the street art and DIY books from the EU4YOUTH library at Linse, while listening to all that good music.

  • The training Initiative Rule - if you have a good idea you can't keep it to yourself came to an end the past Sunday. From 8th t the 18th of June, 30 participants from 15 different countries learned how to use effectively social media and how to create successful online and offline campaigns.

    During one of the workshops about video blogging, the participants had the chance to produce original short films. Check them out:

    How to make Loesje posters

    A 1000 Miles From Here

    Loesje text writing methods


    After brainstorm comes sunshine