Loesje Summer Camp 2011


Dates: 22.07 - 02.08.2011

Place: Keava, Estonia

Venue: Tarsi Talu 

Loesje's summercamp is going to take place in marvelous Estonia this year, from the 22nd of July until the 2nd of August. Estonia is famous for it's gorgeous landscapes, like endless swamps and woods, their foregoing technology (invention of skype) and their impossible language (14 bloody cases). The camp is located in the small village called Keava, which lies about 60 km away from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

At the campsite, there are 5 buildings, including facilities like a cooking area, two and a half big sleeping rooms, several habitable rooms, a sauna, shower, toilets, a stage, a bar - loads of cool stuff - and most of it self-built by the hosts.

The spacious outside area is usable in many different ways and you can find a lot of places to do workshops or hang around or to do whatever you want to. There are awesome hammocks all over the place, swings, trampolines, a lake, empty grass spaces, a sports area, a tipi, campfire places, and the camp is surrounded by a beautiful forest (which can also be used for people who'd prefer to sleep in their own tents) and impressive swamps. 

Furthermore, we're going to have our very personal cook who will prepare our vegetarian or vegan food, however we want, and as a matter of course we'll be very glad to be allowed to be helpful with some peeling or chopping.

The program will be similar to last year's. Loads of interesting workshops - School of Freedom - where everyone can teach and show whatever he/she/whatever can or wants to share and people can attend whatever workshop they feel like to. There's also an excursion planned and we definitely have to go discover some impressive sights of nature. In the evenings we will have either various, entertaining programs or some of our legendaryparties, or likewise both of them, or free time, secret meetings, secret parties, secret other stuff, whatever ;)

The costs
for the whole camp are EUR 160,- per person. Traveling costs have to be paid by everyone themselves. To pay for the Summer Camp, you can do so by transferring money to our account with the ING Bank: 

Stichting Loesje International
IBAN: NL74INGB0009562112

Write "Summer camp fee" as your message.

For Loesje's with Dutch bank accounts it's 9562112.

You can also transfer money via PayPal.


We can suggest

various ways for

traveling to Estonia

> Hitchhiking: Free the hippie inside of you, grab a flower and go for it. Loads of long-distance truckers on the road. (Beware of burglary though - make sure that while they are stealing your bag, you steal their truck!)

> Bike: Go get your two-wheeled buddy and gather in Stockholm with some of our Loesje-friends who will travel to the campsite by bike and boat.

> Eurolines/Ecolines: Check yourself from where you'd like to depart, it's really doable if you're easy with long bus rides.

> Train to Riga and then take a bus: There is currently no railway
between Estonia and Latvia. Don't ask.

> Plane: The fastest and environmentally most polluting way. Ryanair is cheap, check their site from time to time to find the most affordable one. Otherwise you might look into EasyJet or other airlines.

> There are also some boats from Germany (Rostock) or Denmark to Finland (Helsinki) going, where you can change for a boat to Tallinn. Check it out.

> Car: You could put up a group to travel there by car.

You can look for the timetable for the trains from Tallinn to Keava yourself on www.edel.ee and then you should find your way on the left side. Note that the current schedule is only valid until the end of May, so you should check the actual times in June or later.

For transport from the point of arrival in Keava to the camp we still have to figure things out. Maybe it's walkable, otherwise we're able to rent a little van from the campsite to pick up groups of people and luggage.

We really hope a lot of people can't resist the urge to come and we're looking forward to enjoying an unforgettable time with you guys!

Fill out the registration form

summer camp - additional info I gathered.

Just some more information - at least, this is information that I have retrieved and which I *think* is correct. I hope someone who's been to the campsite can confirm it... We are here:


From the train station to the campsite it's about a 5km walk. That's pretty long, and I haven't yet heard from a ferry service to and from the campsite, but there might be one. However, keep in mind that you *might* have to walk. I assume we will put up a notice at the trainstation and I'll bring posters and tape to mark the route, but as I'll only be arriving late in the afternoon on Friday, that might not be so very useful. So print and bring this map anyway.

Train tables can be found at: www.edel.ee/ticketoffice_en/ 
Train tickets cost less than €2.50, as far as I can see. The last train in the evening leaves Tallinn at about 9.45pm, so if you arrive late, you'll have to find a sleeping spot in Tallinn. The train leaves in Tallinn from 'Baltijaam' ('Baltic station'). Baltijaam is located on the Rannamäe Tee. maps.google.nl/maps?oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefoxa&um=1&ie=UTF8&q=tallinn+baltijaam&fb=1&gl=nl&hq=baltijaam&hnear=0x46929499df5616bf:0x400b36d18fc6270,Tallinn,+Estland&ei=XUAgTrydHI_rOdzHmK0D&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM&cid=0,0,12370016462175572350

Bus 90k leaves from the airport ('lennujaam') and drives via the bus station (at least, I assume that 'bussijaam' must be 'bus station') to the train station ('baltijaam'). The ride from the airport to the station takes about 20 minutes. Bus 90K seems to ride every day between 8am and 6pm. The bus costs €2. Bus 2 also leaves from the airport to the city centre; I think it goes to the port; not sure if it stops at the station too. This bus, however, is also in service in the evening when the other bus doesn't ride. You can find links to the buses' timetables at the Tallinn Airport website at:

www.tallinn-airport.ee/eng/transport/publictransport I *think* this is the website of our campsite: http://www.hot.ee/tarsi/

It's in Estonian and so far I haven't been able to convince google translate to do what it's supposed to do, but at least you can find some pictures if you click long enough, and you can translate separate pieces of text to find out you can make swamp walks and stuff.

What else? The what-to-bring section maybe. You should bring all the normal stuff one brings when going away for ten days: clothes, bathing stuff (judging from Google maps, there's a lake nearby. But it may be a bog.), towel(s), toiletries, weird things you may like to bring, camera, phone and/or mp3 player and charger(s), anti-mosquito stuff, some basic medicine thingies (band-aids, paracetamol). You can pitch a tent near the campsite, but there's ample sleeping room inside. As far as I can judge from the pics, there are (thin) mattresses, so bring a mattress cover or a sheet, your sleeping bag and, if you want/think you might need it, a pillow and/or blankets. Musical instruments are fun to bring, however, keep in mind that if you're flying to the campsite and you use one of those budget airlines (most notably RyanAir) you will have to pay for bringing any instrument that outsizes their handluggage rules. Guitars are fun, but not when they charge you €100 extra to bring it, I guess. I assume there's some audio equipment present at the campsite, but if someone could confirm that, I'd be most grateful.

Furthermore, you might already think about which workshops you'd like to give: think about which topics you know something about which might be interesting for other people as well. OK, this is all the info I can think of for now. If someone who knows more about the campsite reads this stuff and thinks I made some horrible mistakes, please leave a message as well; this is just stuff I worked out from googling 'Tarsi Talu' and Keava. See you all at camp, please add to this if you know more.


Ah. Great. It doesn't show

Ah. Great. It doesn't show the hyperlinks and it doesn't display , probably because I didn't use any html codes. Anyway, I'll see if I can put this on the FB event page. Maybe someone knows how to display the previous message in a more readable way? Written by Vero, by the way.

better now?


I pimped it up a bit, you click "edit" under (you need to be logged in) and then you can fix. To include links you have to press a lovely symbol looking like a green blue world with something in front of it, and then copy paste the link in. 

Liisa has promised all kinds of useful information, so I will keep you all posted. And see you on Friday!!


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