European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. Loesje International takes part in this initiative with the project "Volunteering abroad: I take full responsibility for becoming different". Every year Loesje International hosts two European Solidarity Corps Volunteers from Different countries for 12 months. The project usually starts on the 1 September and lasts until the 31 August every year.Our Volunteers live for free in Arnhem, do society-committed work and enjoy life.

The ESC program, (previously known as EVS) is a truly enriching program, which benefits both the volunteer and the European Union by enriching the cultures status, brings different nationalities to cooperate together, young people have the chance to explore, learn and bring the knowledge back to their home country. That improves the solidarity between countries, gives new job opportunities, promotes economical growth, tolerance, learning new languages and much more.

Aurore, Erasmus+ volunteer for Loesje International shares her experiences:

Filmed by Multimedia Centre of European Parliament.

Translation: "You can go to a different country, learn a language, you receive language classes and a place to stay, you get pocket money. It's a win-win situation.  My favourite activity is writing, that's 100% for sure. I find it really inspiring, I learn a lot of things. You try to create that little spark to reach as many people as possible. And to try to make them think about these issues that are important but that people assume don't concern them because they’re happening far away. But it should be happening on every street corner. We should be thinking about them, about what we can all achieve together. I think what I have learned, and this is something you can only learn by travelling or having experiences like this, is to open my mind. I want to invest my energy in things I care about."

Meet our current ESC volunteers:


Martyna Lazarz from Poland

Martyna's backround lays in visual arts, with rich history of art studies. She graduated Nicolaus Copernicus University department of Media art and Visual education, with specialization  in Multimedia and Photography. With her vast knowledge of computer graphics fused with her bohemian artsy spirit, Martyna uses her imagination for Loesje's future depictions in website design, Loesje's new products, poster layouts and much more. As a Polish girl she helps with leading the polish-english translations of posters and takes part in Loesje Poland's workshops and actions.

•Featured Martyna Lazarz "Self portrait"

Check out Martyna's art here


Valentino Mele from Czech Republic

Valentino has an artistic backround as well, he graduated Charles University in Prague with specialisation in Art Education and High School of Art and Design with specialisation in classical drawing and painting. Valentino's artistic interests are mainly focused on oil painting on canvas and mural art.  Valentino comes from a bilingual family and has natural talent for languages, which he certainly uses in his advantage in his work for Loesje - helping translating posters in multiple languages. He also helps with english texts in the Loesje International Newsletters, and with correspondence with International Loesje groups.

•Featured Valentino Mele "Self portrait"

Check out Valentino's art here



More about European Volunteers


Filmed by Multimedia Centre of European Parliament.

Volunteering for Loesje International

Why Loesje?

Loesje is an idealistic organisation with the aim for a creative society based on own initiative and active citizenship. The main objective of our work is to exchange ideas and opinions, to stimulate people to create their own ideas. Loesje mainly uses posters with short but strong texts (one-liners), which shine a different light on particular subjects. Our main activity is to create such posters, together with our members, as well as with people from other organisations. The posters are spread on the Internet, around the streets, in community centres, schools etc. The aims of the organisation are to spread black and white posters to colour life and to create possibilities, in which participants of Loesje activities can start and support progressive social initiatives.

The atmosphere at the Loesje office is informal, fun, busy but with is a lot of space to come up with new, personal ideas. Support is present during the whole year yet we strongly encourage self-initiative. An active attitude is an essential component in the work we do.

Tasks our volunteers do:

- Contact with international Loesje groups.

- Co-organising events like Summer camp, Congress, writing sessions.

- Participating in international writing workshops

- Translating international texts in your own language

- Lay-out posters

- Freedom to think of and carry out own creative plans and initiatives.

- Helping with the development of the website and updating and innovating it.

In all the tasks we try to keep a balance between working together and working independently.

If you speak Dutch there will also be other possibilities as tasks, e.g. text writing with local Loesje-groups, giving workshops to external organisations in The Netherlands.