How to...

Organize text writing workshops

Gather some friends or other interested people, 5 people is already enough. You can make an announcement so that other people might join. Be at someone’s house or borrow a room at your local library, school, University or workplace. All you need is chairs, a table and an undisturbed environment where you can write for a few hours. Access to a place where you can make coffee and tea is nice as well. Bring lose sheets of paper, enough pens for everybody and some colored pens. There is a small booklet called “the Activist Booklet” with information in it on how you can give a text-writing workshop (see below). After texts are written, some should be selected and put on posters to be spread. The international office can help you to do this, called “final editing”.

Stick posters

Even if you don’t write posters yourself you can always hang them up. You can print the posters from this website and hang them up as they are, or copy them to bigger size (A3 size is what most Loesje groups use). You can make your own exhibition out of them and ask at places you like if you can hang them up there. If you want to stick outside you can either use cello tape or wall paper glue. The glue you can buy in hard ware stores, paint stores or large department stores. You need a bucket or an empty plastic bottle and a brush. You mix the glue with water and let it stand for half an hour before you use it. Think about where you stick and that sticking everywhere is not legal. It’s not recommendable to stick on private property. Every municipality has different laws about where things can be stuck in public space. Not all of them provide as much official places for people to spread their messages as they say they will. To spread opinions, ideas and thoughts is freedom of speech and falls under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Get more tips from the Activist Booklet

(click for PDF)

Get an email address for your group

If you write your own posters, or do other Loesje activities, it can be practical to also have your own local e-mail address so people can get in touch with you. You can contact to get an email address for your group.